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About us

Naati Grains has revolutionized the concept of “purity” by processing natural products in very natural ways. We do not use any heat or chemical processing systems to extract oils from nuts, seeds, and fruits. We use the best of pure Indian traditional ways, like “Ghani” to extract coconut oil, groundnut oil, gingelly oil, and castor oil, etc. In modern terms, it is called cold pressed oils. As no chemical is used, or the seeds and nuts are not processed under strong heat, the extracted oils contain all natural properties.

At Naati Grains we are too serious about the products we market because we believe in the best. We also believe that there are no alternatives to traditional methods of oil extraction and processing. We take extreme care in maintaining hygiene and preserving high nutritional values of our products.

Naati Grains is a 100% family owned business. We collect the best raw materials from the most experienced suppliers in different parts of India. We provide the products to every customer at wholesale prices. Through our strong distribution network, we can supply any quantities of order products to any part of India promptly.

Integrity is our principle asset. We keep this right from the manufacturing process to delivering products to our customers. We are relentlessly working to provide every Indian citizen the best of natural oils at very affordable prices.