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Cold Pressed Oils

Revitalize Your Cooking with Cold Pressed Oils! Discover Naati Grains' premium selection of cold pressed oils, perfect for health-conscious chefs. Shop now to buy online and infuse your dishes with pure, natural goodness.

Bull Driven Oils

Experience Tradition with Bull Driven Oils! Naati Grains brings you the heritage of bull-driven oil extraction. Buy online and taste the difference in every drop. Shop now for authentic flavors and time-honored quality.


Indulge in Pure Ghee Goodness! Naati Grains offers premium quality ghee, crafted with care for authentic taste and nutritional benefits. Shop online to buy now and add a touch of richness to your recipes.

Unpolished Millets

Discover Wholesome Goodness with Unpolished Millets! Naati Grains brings you a range of nutrient-rich millets, perfect for health-conscious consumers. Shop online to buy now and elevate your meals with natural goodness.

Organic Rice and Pulses

Nourish Your Body with Organic Rice and Pulses! Naati Grains offers a wide variety of organic rice and pulses, sourced for purity and sustainability. Shop online to buy now and stock up on wholesome essentials.

Organic Spices

Add Flavor with Organic Spices! Naati Grains' collection of organic spices elevates your culinary creations with purity and aroma. Shop online to buy now and infuse your dishes with authentic taste.

Herbal and Moringa Products

Experience Wellness with Herbal and Moringa Products! Naati Grains' herbal and moringa products are crafted for holistic health benefits. Shop online to buy now and embrace natural vitality.

Natural Sweeteners & Salt

Sweeten Naturally with Naati Grains' Sweeteners & Salt! Our natural sweeteners and salt are perfect for health-conscious consumers. Shop online to buy now and indulge guilt-free.

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Fuel Your Day with Nuts and Dry Fruits! Naati Grains offers a variety of nuts and dry fruits packed with nutrients and flavor. Shop online to buy now and snack healthily.

Traditional Snacks

Savor Tradition with Naati Grains' Traditional Snacks! Our range of traditional snacks brings you the authentic taste of India. Shop online to buy now and enjoy nostalgia in every bite.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cook with Quality Using Cast Iron Cookware! Naati Grains' cast iron cookware ensures durability and even heating for delicious results. Shop online to buy now and upgrade your kitchen essentials.

Bronze Cookware's

Enhance Your Culinary Skills with Bronze Cookware! Explore Naati Grains' range of high-quality bronze cookware, crafted for durability and exceptional cooking performance. Shop online to buy now and elevate your kitchen essentials.





Naati Grain is manufacturing and marketing the most natural and pure oils that we use in our everyday life. Naati Grain uses the most traditional and pure Indian process, called Ghani or Marachekku to extract oils from nuts, seeds, and fruits. So, the oils you get from us are always in the purest form with all natural ingredients intact in them. In the modern term, the process we use is called “Cold pressed oil extraction process”.

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The cooking oils people use these days are processed with various chemicals and also under high temperature. Much of the healthy ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins are lost when any cooking oil passes through several chemical and heat treatment units.

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Naati Grains

Bull Driven Groundnut Oil
Cold Pressed Oil by Wood Pressed Method 100% Natural

Cold Pressed Oils started becoming a part of our daily conversations! At Naatigrains,
we follow the traditional Indian method, Ghani, on obtaining Oils through pressing high-Quality Organic nuts & seeds.

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Awesome initiative to get us back to our roots. Having used the products for a while, I can tell that it’s authentic and natural. Would strongly recommend these products for any one who cares about their health.

Viswanaathan R - INDIA

I used groundnut oil from naati grains. its really good. Flavour is awesome. I can i have not tasted this quality since a few decades. this is the reason i switched on to sun flower oil.It reminded me my childhood when my parents used to buy hand made oils, my family relished cooking yesterday. Thanks to naati grains.

Sujatha - INDIA

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