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Original Palm Candy ( PanaKarkandu / Zero % Sugar )

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  • ₹225.00

Palm candy also known as Panakarkandu in Tamil a crystallized form of palm sugar. Naatigrains palm candy is prepared by old traditional method without any chemical additives @ Naati Grains

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Standard Delivery Time : Karnataka & Tamilnadu : 3 Working days / Rest of India : 5 to 10 working days. Free Delivery for any combination of Products weights more than 5 Kg and above in Karnataka.

Why The Wait?

Apart from our own manufacturing and cultivated products we Naati Grains procure Natural and Indigenous food products from farmers who practice Organic/ Natural farming in different parts of India. Even we procure some products from Tribal community too. Our motto is to deliver fresh products to the customers at reasonable time from the date of packing / Manufacturing so we always Produce/Procure products in small batches and we don't use any external agents to extend the self life of products. Due to the nature of products and logistics time we need this extra time to deliver Our products safely in your hands.

Palm Candy(Panakarkandu):

Now a days adulteration is happening in each and every products. Particularly  adulteration is more in Foods which are considered as super Food / Healthy Foods.

One such product is Palm Candy ( பனங்கற்கண்டு)

Now a days more than 95% of Palm Candy ( பனங்கற்கண்டு) sold in Market is adulterated with sugar. That's why Palm Candy ( பனங்கற்கண்டு) is available even at Rs.100 per kg and also at Rs.1000 per kg. The Worst part is even products sold at Rs.1000 is mixed with few percent of sugar to make more profit.

When we starting Naati Grains  We were very much afraid to touch Palm Candy because of its quality issues, High Pricing and lot of adulteration.

With our continuous effort in finding a Good quality product.  We found a youngster who just completed his graduation and joined in to his family business for want of giving  Genuine and 100% pure Palm Candy. Our team visited their place and checked the genuineness of production. Each and every products at Naati Grains are produced or Sourced with much care and Quality. Especially when there is a chance of adulteration we will check each and batch of procurement. 

Palm Candy ( பனங்கற்கண்டு) sold at Naati Grains May be bit costlier but there is No sense in consuming Such adulterated Palm Candy for want of lesser price. Naati Grains will sell always 100% Pure Palm Candy ( பனங்கற்கண்டு) which has lot of medicinal properties and Health Benefits. Traditionally Palm Candy is used to treat cold, Cough and sour through. 

Palm Candy(Panakarkandu) Benefits, Considering its sweet taste, it has surprisingly lowglycemic index, which is great for diabetics and weight watchers. It adds aspecial richness to almost any recipes. Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Vit B1,2,3,6 Loaded with phytonutrients Low glycemic index. No chemicals No bleach.

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Sunil R Udupa - 20/12/2021

Just love the taste of candy, Perfectly as described in the product. Worth the price I paid. Clean product with a quality product.

singhsac - 12/10/2021

Literally a lifesaver for me. I have been feeling out of sorts for a while. Just having a couple of pieces goes a long way in sustaining. Note that the color may be a bit paler than the usual

Nirav Sharma - 03/09/2021

The product is really amazing. I'm glad that I found a natural sweetener among all the chemically treated ones.

Dibakar Debnath - 10/08/2021

It's healthy and tasty. Have been using this product for more than 4 months now. Would really recommend this product 10/10. the product is satisfactory..

PK Srivastava - 08/03/2021

For Babies, it is recommended to replace the sugar like things

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