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Wood Pressed Coconut Oil Wood pressed coconut oil or popularly known as mara chekku ennai in Tamil,..

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Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut OilThe main difference between regular coconut oil and virgin coconut oi..

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COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL During cold pressing, the oil from the coconut flesh is Wood pressed by a ..

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Original Organic Kasturi Turmeric / Kasturi Manjal / Wild Turmeric powder from our own Farm. Actuall..

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Naati Grains

Bull Driven Groundnut Oil
Cold Pressed Oil by Wood Pressed Method 100% Natural

Cold Pressed Oils started becoming a part of our daily conversations! At Naatigrains,
we follow the traditional Indian method, Ghani, on obtaining Oils through pressing high-Quality Organic nuts & seeds.

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