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Himalayan Rock Salt Powder

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Himalayan Rock Salt Powder is natural salt which contains magnesium, potassium, required sodium and 84 trace minerals. Our salt powder is the best quality with no preservatives or chemical added. Only @ Naatigrains

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Standard Delivery Time : Karnataka & Tamilnadu : 3 Working days / Rest of India : 5 to 10 working days. Free Delivery for any combination of Products weights more than 5 Kg and above in Karnataka.

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Apart from our own manufacturing and cultivated products we Naati Grains procure Natural and Indigenous food products from farmers who practice Organic/ Natural farming in different parts of India. Even we procure some products from Tribal community too. Our motto is to deliver fresh products to the customers at reasonable time from the date of packing / Manufacturing so we always Produce/Procure products in small batches and we don't use any external agents to extend the self life of products. Due to the nature of products and logistics time we need this extra time to deliver Our products safely in your hands.

Himalayan Rock Salt Powder just like regular salt when you're cooking. Bath salts, salt lamps and salt caves are popular non-dietary uses of pink Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt consist mostly of sodium chloride, but pink Himalayan salt has up to 84 other minerals and trace elements. These include common minerals like potassium and calcium, as well as lesser-known minerals like strontium and molybdenum.

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Rahul trivedi - 31/07/2021

Flavour is nice little bit costly i think all in all good product

Surya Prakash - 24/06/2021

Excellent, genuine pink Himalayan salt. Nice taste, and you only need a very small quantity.

Riya sharma - 05/04/2021

It is very good for health, especially high BP etc, and is far better than the sea salt available in the market under various brands.

Kangana - 27/02/2021

Out of all the pink salt brands I've tried, this seems to be the best and the most authentic.

Ramesh pandey - 01/02/2021

No complaints whatsoever on this. Very good product and well packaged. The amount of salinity is good too .

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