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The Story Behind Naatigrain Wood Pressed Coconut Oil
05 Nov

The Story Behind Naatigrain Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

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We prepare coconut oil in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way. We prefer to use coconut from our cultivation rather than sourcing it from outside to make the oil. For more than 10 years we have been committed to organic farming and using organic manure. Unlike others, to make the oil we handpick only mature coconuts which are also known as copra. Before processing, the matured coconuts will be set aside for three months in shade, until the water inside the coconut is dried up naturally. So the nutrients are absorbed by the copra and the flesh is separated from the shell into ball copra. The dried copra is known as kurudi copra and there is no wastage in this process. Besides, only the premium copra’s are used for the process and the copras affected by fungus are discarded. Even though the process is time-consuming, this process aids in retaining high levels of lauric acid content.

The method involves removing the pulp from mature coconuts, which contain more oil and grinding it into coconut flakes using the bull driven method. Additionally, the oil is also prepared using wooden Ghani or Chekku. The coconut oil extraction is then processed at a low temperature, similar to how most other oils are extracted. Since it's a time-consuming procedure that typically results in higher prices than inferior coconut-based oils or goods, but it's one of the most effective ways to keep the nutritional properties. Because it is not exposed to any chemical processes, cold-pressed coconut oil retains the original pleasant flavour of the coconut, the pure white colour. We get pure white colour naturally because, as mentioned above we handpick only the healthy copra discarding the ones affected by fungus and extract it at low temperature. Unlike, refined coconut oil which goes through a bleaching process to make the oil white artificially, which occurs due to the heat produced in the process. However, this is a less expensive process including bleaching the oil. Also, bleaching and deodorization remove its natural flavour and aroma.

Benefits of cold pressed coconut oil

Coconut oil is claimed to raise one's healthy cholesterol levels substantially. It can help with weight loss and insulin resistance, both of which are factors that typically lead to type two diabetes. The lauric acid present in coconut is considered to be equal to mothers milk, it aids in the promotion of HDL or good cholesterol and the reduction of high triglycerides, which helps to prevent heart disease. Furthermore, it helps in the conversion of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol which aids in maintaining a healthy heart.

Benefits cold pressed coconut oil

Another advantage of cold pressed coconut oil is that it aids food digestion by allowing the body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins and magnesium. It also tackles poor digestion and stomach irritation by removing poisonous germs and candida. This aids in the prevention of stomach ulcers. Last but not the least, coconut is beneficial to the skin, notably for injuries, burns, and dermatitis. The two principal fatty acids in unrefined coconut oil, caprylic and lauric, and its antioxidant component, which work together to reduce inflammation under the skin and promote better healing, also functions as a sunscreen and a moisturiser for the skin. Hence, always opt for cold pressed coconut oil for a healthy life. 


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