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What makes cold-pressed oil pure and healthy?
04 Jun

What makes cold-pressed oil pure and healthy?

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Oil is an intrinsic part of our life, not only used for cooking but also for other purposes. The use of rightly produced and prepared oils can improve our health and can create an impact more than we think. For instance, the so-called superior brand's premium oils are more often adulterated with contents that we are not aware of. The usage of naturally obtained and organically produced oils can not only improve health but also gives a greater result in satisfying our taste palettes.

It’s our right to know, the ingredients in the products or how the food we consume on regular basis is produced. Only based on these details we will be able to make an informed decision. At Naatigrains, we believe that it is appropriate for our consumers to be completely aware of the products they use which include ingredients added to obtain the desired quality and the process it goes through to obtain the final product. Further, let's look at how organic cold-pressed oils are produced at Naatigrains.

The bull driven method shown in the video is the most traditional and authentic method to extract oils. It is a process that has been used by our forefathers, generations after generation until the introduction of machines to increase productivity. We produce oils that are predominantly used by our customers using the traditional method. Naatigrains wood pressed oils that are popular among consumers are Groundnut oil, Coconut oil, Gingelly oil and Castor oil.

The traditional bull driven or wood pressed method requires the labour of 2 men and 2 bulls for a time period of two hours in order to extract at least 8 - 10 litres of oil. Further, by using this method an utmost quantity of 40 - 50 litres of oil can be produced per day. Considering other methods, this process is extremely slow and time-consuming. However, this is the most natural and organic method to produce quality oil.

In this method the processing is slow, hence the seeds, fruits or raw materials used to obtain the oils are kept intact while grinding. Another advantage in this process is, it keeps the nutrients in the oil unimpaired by keeping the oils below 30 degrees celsius while extracting, so the oil remains perfectly cold-pressed. Moreover, the bulls are significant in this method which in turn helps the rarest country breeds survive in this modern world.

Naati Grains is an all-natural store, currently located in Karnataka. We use various traditional and organic methods that are hardly practised or replaced by technologies, with an intention to provide our consumers with the most authentic products. Our main goal is not only to produce quality products but also to spread the importance of long-forgotten traditional products and food habits to lead a healthy life. You can also find other organic products that are sourced from local farmers and traditionally grown at Naati Grains stores. A few of the popular products among our customers include pure cane sugar, palm jaggery, unpolished millets and unadulterated grocery items. For further information, be sure to check out our website.

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