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What makes Groundnut oil popular?
06 Aug

What makes Groundnut oil popular?

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This blog is an attempt to educate you about why cold-pressed groundnut oil is widely used and why it should be your first choice.

Peanut/groundnut oil or kadalai yennai is one of the fast-moving products and it is popular with home cooks and also at restaurants for its flavour that makes dishes delicious. Cold-pressed groundnut oil has a distinct aroma and nutty flavour compared to refined oils. Cold-pressed peanut oil is a smart way to include the taste and nutritional benefits of peanuts into your favourite dishes. For many centuries, wood pressed groundnut oil has been a popular cooking oil in South India until refined oils took their place. Traditional wooden mills, such as the Ghani or chekku, are used to extract cold pressed groundnut or peanut oil. Oil is extracted without the use of heat or a chemical procedure in this approach. Groundnut oil derived in this technique is incredibly nutritious and healthy, as the oil doesn’t lose its nutrients in the process. On the other hand, when it comes to refined oil is subjected to chemical processing, which removes the groundnut oil's inherent benefits.

Peanut oil is ideal for deep-frying because of its unique properties, in addition to its fantastic taste. It does not absorb the flavour of other items that have been cooked in the same oil. As a result, you can cook a variety of dishes together while maintaining their distinct flavours. Peanut oil is also one of the world's traditional deep-frying oils, as it can reach a high temperature and make food crispy on the exterior while being moist on the inside. Peanut oil complements a wide range of recipes and has long been the frying oil of choice for several eateries due to its excellent flavour.

Benefits of cold-pressed groundnut oil:

Groundnut oil provides a healthy balance that benefits your health in a variety of ways. It is high in minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds, all of which are beneficial to your health. Besides, it also has Oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid among the fatty acids found. It's high in the antioxidant and vitamin E, which may help lower the risk of heart disease. It may also assist those with diabetes improve their insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. It contains a lot of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and is easily oxidised, which can increase the risk of certain diseases. On the other hand, the overuse of groundnut oil can increase the risk of certain diseases because It contains a lot of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids which is easily oxidised. However, the benefits of the oil outweigh the drawback compared to other refined oils which still makes it a popular choice.

Groundnut oil for Skincare:

In addition to eating the oil, cold-pressed groundnut oil can be used topically to improve skin health. it is well known for its anti-ageing properties which reduce all apparent signs of ageing like dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin, and pigmentation. Vitamin E, which is abundant in this product, helps to reverse skin disorders and symptoms of ageing. The oil forms a barrier on the skin, keeping moisture in and preventing dryness. Peanut oil can undoubtedly help you if you've been suffering from acne. Peanut oil, you see, fights any inflammation that can lead to acne. Furthermore, its antimicrobial characteristics make it ideal for your gut and skin.

Naatigrains groundnut oil:

What makes our oil popular and unique is, we source mature groundnuts from local framers, unlike others who use broken or immature groundnuts to reduce the cost of the oil. We grind the oil using the traditional wood pressed method and no chemicals are added in the process. Moreover, the groundnuts we use are sourced from the rainfed area where the normal yield is high. Hence the crops are not treated with growth-oriented techniques like irrigation and pesticides. Hence the groundnuts are organic and naturally grown without the use of chemical fertilizers. With so many alternative cheap and unhealthy refined oil options on the market, it might be a good idea to go with oil that provides more benefits while posing fewer health dangers. Now that you're aware of the numerous advantages of organic cold-pressed groundnut oil, you should seriously consider including it in your diet. We advise you not to consume it in case you have any sort of nut allergies.

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Wood Pressed Groundnut OilWood Pressed Groundnut Oil is predominantly used as cooking oil in the southern part of India for centuries. Unlike refined oil, the peanut oil in Naatigrains extracted through traditional wood press or cold press method that keeps the nutrients in the oil intact. Further, the wood pressed groundnut oil adds unique flavor to the food.  Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil Benefits: 1. Groundnut oil contains fatty acids but it is free of cholesterol.2. Peanut oil has high amount of vitamin-E compared to other oils.3. Wood pressed groundnut oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are considered to be good fats and reduces risk of heart disease.4. Peanut oil is popular for oil for deep frying, roasting and stir-frying.5. The oleic acid particularly  present in wood pressed groundnut oil plays a major role in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. ..

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COLD PRESSED GROUNDNUT OIL Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil has deep yellow color with pleasant nutty aroma, sweet taste and retains natural anti-oxidants like phytosterol and tocopherol. If the oil you buy is bland and pale with negligible aroma, you can be certain that it has been fully refined and bleached. Please don’t use refined oil in your cooking, ever. Refining is accomplished with the addition of sodium hydroxide and temperatures around 450 degrees. The refined oil is not considered edible without further processing, such as filtration, deodorization, bleaching. This causes deadly diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Impotence & Arthritis. The process of refining strips the natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes in the oil and reduces it into a “nonfood”. Some of the Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Include 1. Its ability to reduce cholesterol levels 2. Protect heart health 3. Prevent cancer 4. Boost cognitive function 5. Improve the nervous system 6. Strengthen the immune system 7. Lower blood pressure, and protect the skin..

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