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Bull Driven Coconut oil (Cold Pressed)

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  • ₹450.00

Naatigrains: Our oils are made in traditional Bull driven method to retain all nutrients that are required for our body to develop good cholesterol. Order online or at Naatigrains store

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Standard Delivery Time : Karnataka & Tamilnadu : 3 Working days / Rest of India : 5 to 10 working days. Free Delivery for any combination of Products weights more than 5 Kg and above in Karnataka.

Why The Wait?

Apart from our own manufacturing and cultivated products we Naati Grains procure Natural and Indigenous food products from farmers who practice Organic/ Natural farming in different parts of India. Even we procure some products from Tribal community too. Our motto is to deliver fresh products to the customers at reasonable time from the date of packing / Manufacturing so we always Produce/Procure products in small batches and we don't use any external agents to extend the self life of products. Due to the nature of products and logistics time we need this extra time to deliver Our products safely in your hands.


During cold pressing, the oil from the coconut flesh is Wood pressed by a traditional Ghani / Marachekku at temperatures not exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit, to preserve its healthful benefits. Our cold pressed coconut oil is not refined, processed or deodorized. Coconut oil has been found to be effective in weight loss and cardiovascular disease, and as an antimicrobial agent, among its many other health benefits. The lauric acid in this oil is one of the most important essential fatty acid in building and maintaining the body’s immune system. It also improves blood cholesterol levels. The only other source of lauric acid found in such high concentrations is breast milk. Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids that are easily digestible and, for people with liver problems, help in getting quick energy.

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Kavikidi - 15/02/2024

Bought this product along with siri dhanya. Although there was an initial hiccup in the delivery, Naatigrains.com resolved it to my satisfaction:) Wood pressed coconut oil is of very good quality. For me as a person from south Canara, coconut oil is an integral part of cooking. I have been using regular coconut oil for a long time. This wood pressed coconut oil smells pleasant and like coconut milk adding flavour to items in which it has been incorporated. Definitely a must try

ANITA SINGH - 14/05/2022

This is so far the perfect coconut oil I have used. I simply love it

Khanna - 22/05/2021

Excellent product...high quality.....buy without doub

SUNIL KULKARNI - 04/12/2020

One of my dermatologist friends recommended this to me..and it really worked...my hair definitely is smoother and thicker

ASHWINI - 19/06/2020

I use it for oil pulling. It is best in taste. Also used for oiling my hair, it is very smooth and with good aroma. It is a bit costly, but best product comes at a good price.

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