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Bull Driven Gingelly Oil (Cold Pressed)

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  • ₹700.00

Gingelly oil pressed in a traditional way by adding pure palm jaggery with Sesame seeds. Real, pure oil and intense in aroma. Buy this Healthy oil at unbelievable price.

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Apart from our own manufacturing and cultivated products we Naati Grains procure Natural and Indigenous food products from farmers who practice Organic/ Natural farming in different parts of India. Even we procure some products from Tribal community too. Our motto is to deliver fresh products to the customers at reasonable time from the date of packing / Manufacturing so we always Produce/Procure products in small batches and we don't use any external agents to extend the self life of products. Due to the nature of products and logistics time we need this extra time to deliver Our products safely in your hands.


By seeing this product first thought coming in your mind is Why Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil is So Costly. We press our oil in a traditional way by adding pure Palm Jaggery with Sesame seeds. The result is oil that tastes like sweet buttery nut goodness. Unfortunately, much of branded gingelly oils are adulterated (Adding sugarcane molasses or Sugarcane Jaggery) to make it cheap. But, if you do the math, you will know you cannot even produce cold pressed gingelly oil so cheaply. It is enriched with essential vitamins like E, B complex, D and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and some proteins that helps in the strengthening of hair. Real, pure oil will be intense in aroma and you can feel the powerful taste. Spending on pure, good oil, is an investment in your health.

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Sanghamitra J - 22/07/2021

During my childhood days, I have seen my mother while frying with gingelly oil, it used to froth, that I see after many years with this oil. those days that is55 yrs back, there was no adulteration. so i guess this is pure, by the olden day's yardstick!

Abhishek Dulta - 26/12/2020

I was looking for a good quality yet price-competitive sesame oil across online websites and finally, my search ends here!
Earlier, I was not much happy with some sesame oils I had purchased from offline market, hence I started searching online and this one came out to be surprisingly very good

Anand T - 15/09/2020

Absolutely magnificent fresh flavor.if u smell the product u would not keep the container down it is so very fresh and sweet just wonderful product.

Anil Sood - 21/08/2020

Too good quality.I got fixed now..for this brand no further experiments.. excellent fragrance..thank you, seller.. please maintain quality..
Whether it's truly cold-pressed, I am assured of the. But it's pure Gingelly oil.

Sahil Tiwari - 19/05/2020

I had gastric issues for long. So, I changed the oil as depending largely on Allopathy for solving this problem won't do good. After I changed the oil (from refined to this Seasame) my problem just disappeared within just a day!

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