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Eucalyptus Oil (Highly Concentrated Original Oil)

  • ₹145.00

Our Eucalyptus Oil (Highly Concentrated Original Oil) is traditionally extracted. Available online for best price only @Naatigrains

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Standard Delivery Time : Karnataka & Tamilnadu : 3 Working days / Rest of India : 5 to 10 working days. Free Delivery for any combination of Products weights more than 5 Kg and above in Karnataka.

Why The Wait?

Apart from our own manufacturing and cultivated products we Naati Grains procure Natural and Indigenous food products from farmers who practice Organic/ Natural farming in different parts of India. Even we procure some products from Tribal community too. Our motto is to deliver fresh products to the customers at reasonable time from the date of packing / Manufacturing so we always Produce/Procure products in small batches and we don't use any external agents to extend the self life of products. Due to the nature of products and logistics time we need this extra time to deliver Our products safely in your hands.

Eucalyptus oil is a traditional herbal medicine widely used for a number of common ailments, Relieves stuffy nose, Clears respiratory complaints, Freshen your breath, Clear up cold sores, Eases sore muscle and joint pain, Post-surgery pain reliever, Promotes oral health, Promotes scalp health and clear lice, Boosts immunity, Disinfects wounds and cuts, Insects and rodents repellent, Controls blood sugar, Reduces stress

Eucalyptus oil is prepared from its dried leaves. The leaves are dried, crushed, and steam distilled to extract the oil. The extracted oil is colorless with a strong, woody, and sweet smell. The main compound of eucalyptus oil is cineole, also known as eucalyptol. The oil also contains flavonoids and tannins, which acts as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.

  • Natural Respiratory Relief:

    • Congestion relief easier breathing respiratory support sinus congestion cold and flu remedy.
  • Soothing Pain Relief:

    • Muscle pain relief joint pain relief natural analgesic pain soothing arthritis relief.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties:

    • Reduce inflammation inflammation relief natural anti-inflammatory joint inflammation.
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial:

    • Natural disinfectant germ-killing antibacterial properties microbial defense.
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation:

    • Stress relief relaxation aid calm and soothing anxiety reduction aromatherapy benefits.
  • Mental Clarity and Focus:

    • Improved concentration mental alertness focus enhancement cognitive clarity.
  • Antifungal Properties:

    • Fungal infection treatment nail fungus remedy athlete's foot relief antifungal defense.
  • Insect Repellent:

    • Natural insect repellent bug deterrent mosquito protection pest-free environment.
  • Wound Healing:

    • Minor wound care faster healing wound protection natural antiseptic.
  • Oral Health Benefits:

    • Dental health mouthwash additive oral hygiene fresh breath natural antimicrobial.
  • Refreshing Aroma:

    • Invigorating scent fresh and revitalizing clean and crisp aroma.
  • Holistic Wellness Solution:

    • Natural remedy holistic health wellness support alternative medicine.

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